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Full Low Lofts with Ladders


Low Loft beds are extremely popular for their fun value! The extra space created by raising the bed above the floor makes room to play beneath the bed. And to make the most of that, they offer beautiful fabric solutions to create a fully functioning playhouse, with windows and doors, right under your new Low Loft. For safe & easy access to the bed you have a choice of a space saving straight ladder or an angle ladder with handrail. Don’t forget your slide!  As your child grows, and needs change, the Maxtrix System is easily adjusted to cater for super safe sleeping, playtime, schooltime, sleepovers, even teen rooms. We believe you should only have to buy kids furniture once - so Maxtrix's system is flexible and solid enough to last well into the teenage years. Build a bed, build a bunk, build a loft!


Maxtrix furniture has over 1,000 different configurations!

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